New car city creating new definition for auto services

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America famous international electronic manufacturing competitiveness, many companies, in the wave of globalization, driven by efforts to transition to the type of high value-added services, in order to stand a better strategic position. One of the classic case of domestic transformation of America Semiconductor Company. TSMC chairman Morris Chang leadership TSMC became the world's first foundries, and push up the competitiveness of enterprises, TSMC's transformation into a service-oriented enterprises; Today, he does not just "foundry the father, "and even" the father of the fabless IC design industry ".

TSMC leading on the amount of knowledge Han, it is not only in the back-end OEM, and even the stage of research and development of equipment manufacturers and ultimately, it, it has been in the semiconductor field as knowledge integration, capacity to integrate the key, although formally TSMC is a manufacturing company, but the spirit and content based on a service-oriented enterprises.

Many manufacturing-based enterprises have in transition, seeking to improve the competitiveness of the focal point, many of them traditional manufacturing industries like the automotive industry. In recent years, due to rising global agricultural, oil prices frequency surge, coupled with spending power caused by the U.S. subprime mortgage recession, as well as a resurgence of environmental issues, the global auto industry sales were frustrated. However, the automotive industry can only really profit by the car manufacturers to do? Whether it can provide another service experience? City from the German Volkswagen (VW Autostadt in Wolfsburg) build, you may be able to find some answers.

The manufacturing industry also earned Sightseeing Cultural Property

Volkswagen Autostadt at Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg (Wolfsburg), covers an area of ??25 acres, at a cost of NT $ 13 billion, is a car-themed tourist park, officially opened in June 2000, day visitors about 6,000 people, the entire Motor City managed to create a "full Yule automotive world.

In general, customers buy a new car to get the vehicles, usually for consideration to the proximity of the depot, but Volkswagen design process of the customer to take the car to the experiential marketing and attract consumers to the Wolfsburg Volkswagen City "pick up the car, and offer discounts to encourage car owners to the fun of the way to visit the Motor City, and create parent-child swim, the relationship between the family, automobiles, tourism. This has also attracted many domestic and foreign tourists, as tourist attractions, made a special trip to visit it.

The Motor City's design is based on two 20-story circular transparent tower garage as a landmark, each layer can be stopped 20 each car tower can park for 400 cars, the twin towers is 800 vehicles. Especially at night, all the lights a dozen bright, dazzling the entire space, a variety of styles and colors of new cars unveiled at each space, dazzling. This space atmosphere is not like the car location, but rather is a gorgeous car exhibition center. In addition, the welcoming lobby, one clever design, is six meters x18 meters the world's largest revolving door, open all indoor and outdoor can develop together, regardless of the day or night are very suitable for parties and events.

In this park, there are also children's rides, enjoy the mini-riding public transport and to the Motor City to visit the children, with their pictures and names of children also get a driver's license. Of course, this driver's license is just Fox released, but enough to get the school to show off.

This park a car museum, two hundred antique car collection of more than 100 years, the automotive industry in the history of navigation services, Fox's seven brands (Lamborghini, Bentley, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, Bugatti, The Volkswagen) showroom contests, recount the story of the car to talk to the tourists to view the latest technologies in the indoor theater.

Wolfsburg Motor City has been well received, Fox continued to copy part of the experience economy, two years later, that is, in 2002, Dresden, Germany (Dresden) opening up the Transparent Factory (Transparent Factory) official debut. Although the factory, but the overall feeling is very transparent and clean. The Transparent Factory positioning aforementioned Wolfsburg Motor City is not the same, it is for the top car custom car Phaeton (price of more than 300 million America dollars in America) customers order a car, tours car, and even manufacturing visit space-based process, honor service experience.

Transparent Factory tours car enjoyment Safe

The Transparent Factory is designed by world-renowned architect Gunter Henn, covers an area of ??about 55,000 square meters, at a cost of NT $ 5.8 billion, because the position is locked VIP level guests, it also limits the number of visitors. Here is the factory environment, but do less manufacturing space cluttered with chisels uncomfortable, customers can visit the factory floor his car manufacturing production schedule course, you can also watch reality on the network understand and factory next The concert hall is often the location of the Dresden Symphony Orchestra was invited to play, VIP guests tours car Philharmonic multiple experience. In addition, the delivery of the vehicle's path is a light Gallery of the Avenue of Stars, the the Phaeton car slowly forward to the new owner of the eyes, reflecting on the honor and the momentum of the new car, a variety of design to tell the luxury brand, revealed.

PDI looks manufacturing part of the last mile, but it is a creative starting point of the service economy. Volkswagen Transparent Factory in Dresden for example, the Fox Group is clearly scope for creativity, display interface, the environment and recycling, fused to an innovative experience economy, including parents and children swim fun process experience, and it created not only add value to the brand, a number of experimental use of new technology, promote the local economy "is a good example, it is worth learning.