Online world creating endless business opportunities

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At your fingertips, the log of a blogger in the world have seen. In this era of Web 2.0, "writing blog" has become one of the ways of the modern people to express themselves and someone else. Especially fixed bloggers to express their ideas in some areas (blogger) establish the personal characteristics of the community, but also the other end of the network echoes pooled in the process of long-term work with the cumulative popular, popularity, no one can not ignore personal influence in the virtual world.

These bloggers, blogs, community overall operating out of virtual space has not just the blogosphere (the blogosphere), they are more opinion leaders, the strength enough about the community, thereby affecting the consumer behavior of the physical world , also attracted the attention of advertisers.

The highest popular as a key Community

The development of domestic blogs are mostly individual emotional life random thoughts, Share-based builds; behavior researcher at the Institute for Information Industry's Market Intelligence Center (MIC) of Liu Chuhui in "bloggers" concludes the report pointed out that the record share experiences. " "Creative expression own" are the two major factors for the United States and America bloggers blogging, but on the whole, more pluralistic American bloggers blogging departure, and 15% of the purpose of blogging is in "money", much higher than the 1.6% in America; also is the proportion of U.S. bloggers use blogs to make money, nearly ten times higher than in America. Blog more developed, this figure is also worth bloggers to think about: blogging can be a way to profit.

Department of Information Management at National America University Professor Wu Lingling, the Focus marketing concept is increasingly important, like the blog community concept on an individual basis, many-to-many virtual social network (Social Network), also " Internet Marketing ", become consumers of different ethnic groups, using different marketing channels to reach one of the better advertising effectiveness. In addition, the blog also contains the word-of-mouth marketing force, is also one of the many businesses close observation of the marketing tools.

Wu Lingling, it will also stimulate the power to link the community, the greater the connectivity, the higher the value of each blog, but also to niche advertising booming, "Internet advertising" emerging darling. To become an influential blog in two ways: First, we must become the extreme popularity of the top three blogs; Second, we must become the high popularity of certain areas of expertise.

Daren economic use of blogs created, how feasible? The Jun-Yeen Chan said of the Chunghwa Telecom Xuite Officer tribal Hurghada economy there is, and will always sprang up, but his observations, this economic model should not become mainstream, but for business owners, perhaps is another one to find the path of the content or network marketing, "business owners should be willing to use". However, this mode of marketing for the enterprise, should be positioned for many of the long tail effect one micro-niche market.

Jiun-Shyan Chen further explained that for the tribal Hurghada people, they may not be so stable revenue to become the principal source of income. Blogs operating the majority of people are part-time, or the amateur activities carried out, become tribal Hurghada bloggers, be regarded as the reward of life outside the "extra" or to continue to promote his "part-time", "amateur "an engine, had any energy left to engage in, but close to the work of their own interests. Daren economy could only a few people have the opportunity to become a star, or that become the star of a short time, and finally the majority of people are still hard as a major source of revenue.

Investment Blogs enterprises need more evidence

In fact, many companies and advertisers do not exclude the capital vote for influential blogs, but their attitude is "I am willing to invest to bloggers, but to InsightXplorer market research consultancy CEO Jiang Yiyu Give me one good reason. "In other words, if the business community of bloggers, height master one of the areas of consumption opinion leaders, and these people will be the pioneer users or heavy users, then manufacturers will thinking and bloggers cooperation, such as blog advertising or product placement.

However, the definition of "influential blog, how to how to proceed, it will not flow in the appearance of high popularity, is not the key to popularity, under the precise advertising? In other words, in these high popularity of the blog, which users will really stop and give valuable feedback and interaction of the bloggers, and sent to some of the key users, so this blog ecological certain areas key community ...... Have a set of professional and objective mechanism to assist these companies want to put into the blog on a more accurate basis, or even an objective method of authentication?

To this end, the Institute for Information Industry Innovation Applications & Services Institute with of Chunghwa Telecom Xuite platform blog "blog entry" method of interaction with search referrals from a platform to develop a set of authentication mechanisms, and using Xuite tribe cell database, to explore Xuite Blogs reap specific knowledge of life of people. And rewarding outstanding bloggers "Innovation Service Week (Ideas Week)" activities, through a computer selection experts recommended the selection of each of the three areas of travel, food, beauty makeup Bai Jie awards, held the first session of the tribe customer Bai Jie awards event, awarded to the top ten in various fields.

The selection of this Xuite cooperation with the Institute for Information Industry "bloggers Bai Jie main purpose is to research and development through the Institute for Information Industry analysis mechanism to analyze the human interaction between the user's blog post, as well as other users to understand in each individual category in professional or influence through automated analysis of rank, together with the professional judgment of the reviewers to 100 Jie filter and rank up hope to find in travel, food, makeup beauty, quality article works more excavations and affirmation.

Provide blogging platform marketing reference

Jun-Yeen Chan, to Example of the Xuite platform through the establishment of the community of interest, and the UGC analysis mechanisms Xuite know better the Member attribute of interest, will be more effective contact member when performing precise marketing and more effective through the opinion leaders in the field or up to people, the tribal format marketing and promotion. Also manufacturers in the industry reference bloggers use a list of people, can be the planning the bloggers of marketing operation.

The birth of the new winners in this tribe grid, we see these faces of the winners, in addition to the to carefully cultivating blog main grid, as well as to support the blog community, and behind this authentication mechanism, and become filter out the new winner, as well as enterprises and invest in new blogging platform basis.