You could be an electricity generator

Written by Steven Charles on . Posted in News

You said a while ago because listened to some of the joke was admitted to the world's largest "suite" (TAIEX), began to feel for a long time has been blown recession finally blown his head, and the harm you cold. So you bought a 10,006 bike plus $ 48 the first line is equipped begun to respond to the whole world in the water-saving and carbon reduction life.

"I always thought he was a" future generations "Nodame Cantabile" Prince ", never knew someone living without water and gas, but now I am at less than 7:00 lights, appliances useless plug must pull out, the house full of talent to the air conditioning. "you come up with frown said:" But so hard... electricity this month than last month, only 5 degrees less electricity bill. "

Dear, I sympathize with you sweat in the summer to live on "The Suite" mood, I knew so hard to only 5 degrees less, might as well open the air conditioner trying to pick "Aru" (extra money). But the economy is so bad, then the extra money may also have risk to get the money. Since you have 10,006 bikes to buy to start with, maybe you can consider and public interest organization devoted to the promotion of renewable energy GotWind developed by Orange Music Dance Charger.

This is a through dance can charge charger can be used to charge mobile phones, hair dryers, razors and other small appliances, as long as you to the gym or go to nightclubs to dance when the charger is tied to the arm, the human body The kinetic energy into electricity through a converter. According to the test results, the dance is about to jump one hour can be converted to electricity equivalent to the Nokia N95 phone call 15 minutes. I heard that this product has been in the world's biggest environmental celebration, Glastonbury, UK modern performing arts at the carnival (Glastonbury Festival) was officially launched, some crazy dance-loving artists.

If you think Orange Music idea is too crazy, there are even more crazy is another environmental group TreeHugger, they move from the chest of a woman's brains, when running the generator on lingerie, chest shaking up and down the friction issued to thermal energy into electrical energy, can be used to just the electricity needed to fully charge the iPod battery. However, this charger is only suitable for the cup above the D "wave" of God, to prove that the chest of the woman can discharge can also issue really useful power!

Dear, you're right, I am glad things are up only the market do not rise timing except those only told us to power-saving save Ku Haha government officials and the news media, as well as people think we ourselves can be issued motors.