Demand management

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The six-star resort hotel Lalu Sun Moon Lake is the most top tourists visiting Sun Moon Lake at their hotel. In order to provide the ultimate in service quality, number of rooms "intentional" design is much lower than the number of general resort hotel, less than one hundred. Because of the small number of rooms, number of floor space per room is also spacious. The event that it provides hundreds of rooms, customers enjoy the space is small, I am afraid that can not provide high-end exquisite service, the entire hotel will be senior, it will not be today Lalu Sun Moon Lake.

Less is more. This concept not only in the quality of service for a limited resources of the state and society, the government in the formulation of development strategies have to do demand and growth control, otherwise it will lead to management problems affecting the quality of life of the people. The importance of "demand-side management (demand-side management), ranging from food policy, environmental protection, small car, the problem of electricity, can be pursued," that is "more goals. Many firms from this perspective, and create innovative business models.

Do not buy and rent, to change the car mode

In the era of high oil prices, car expenses for the family car is a heavy burden. North America's largest car-sharing service car rental company Zipcar is an innovative way and environmental demands, to reduce the pain and inconvenience of the family car. According to statistics, Zipcar has more than 18 000 members to become North America's largest car-sharing service company, the founder of the "new car model" (Zipcar offers a new model for Automobile Transportation.) As the goal, to promote shared with the spirit of the car, in order to reduce the "one million cars" as the slogan, and the demands of environmental protection and energy saving, and convenient pick up the car and the car program, impressed the determination of many customers choose not to buy and rent ".

Zipcar car rental company is a high-tech services, the entire car rental program through the Internet and self-completion. Metropolitan area in the public transport, the company signed a contract with the parking management industry to pick up the car and the car is very convenient, emphasizing the car needs in your neighborhood. To get the vehicles, the members of the windscreen in the car rear induction membership card, you can unlock the car, without tiring, not to deal with anyone; and more intimate, The car keys, fuel cards on the car, all the car needs will be available. Member car, parked to the original place, all the process is almost see no Zipcar employees.

Many European countries have air pollution for the National Health and social cost, included in the policy focus. From road planning design, it can be seen that the determination of the leaders, many of Denmark on the road lane very generous given to the car, bicycle and bus multi-lane only provide one or two lines, just being not welcome high pollution means of transport. In the Netherlands, the Nordic countries, government officials riding a bike to work is not unusual, on the one hand, they want to lead by example, reducing the degree of deterioration of air pollution, on the other hand these design reflects respect for cyclists and friendly, so that people find it convenient to feasible. The men briefcase folder in the bike rail, pink-collar dress skirt clip, cycling windy can still maintain an elegant ...... them to change their commuting habits, also created the scenery along the way. Many Swedish companies even in the company set up shower, allowing employees to ride to work can take a shower, dress up. Cycling to work this matter has been fully integrated into the life of the Nordic office workers.

In energy management, the pursuit of "less is more". Its supply side to the pursuit of increasingly higher costs than positive proceed from the demand-side management. The U.S. California in 70 ?'s after the two oil crises, controlling energy demand side, it is best not in my backyard rather avoid the NIMBY (not in my backyard) effect, the government is not easy to find a place to perform the construction of a nuclear power plant and the thermal power plant project, the California emigration increasing California's industrial structure is bound to stay away from the direction of the main dependent on energy.

Power company CEO, the old way of thinking is to sell the more power the more money the CEO's performance to meet the most demand for electricity, but in the era of the shortage of energy supply, "power efficiency" is the competitiveness the performance of the CEO's performance can also power efficiency measure. Therefore, the government and enterprises to improve energy issues, you can start from the demand side. In addition to encouraging the authorities and large corporate users to switch to (retrofit) energy-saving device for each family to develop a complete power-saving incentives, such as household home if modified or additional energy-saving equipment, the Government may grant a modification of the investment costs and so on. The insulation of the doors and windows tightly enough is the key to energy conservation, turn on the heating and air conditioning can keep the temperature in the room, will not escape and waste energy.

Energy issues to be implemented from the community

The face of the looming energy issues must as soon as possible and comprehensive implementation from the community, once the formation of culture, to develop their own energy-saving habits, perhaps the government and the private sector does not need to spend so much social costs, to face "to build a nuclear power plant" issue.

Japan and Germany, in addition to the counseling grants users the power saving device, but also on the structure of Economy, Trade and Industry made a substantial adjustment in eight ?'s energy demand degree "down to the economic growth of 1%, the energy grow just 0.5% to 0.6%. German residential per square meter, the annual power consumption from 770 watts to 400 watts, since German energy the passport (Energy Passport), per square meter per year to 100 watts before allowing sale or lease, in addition to saving energy also stimulates a lot of technology.

Global food shortage and high food prices, has become many countries should be serious issues. On average, animal husbandry and aquaculture, poultry and sheep and seafood, intake six, seven units of vegetable protein, in exchange for a unit of animal protein, all of the other fecal droppings after digestion, requires a lot of water to clean and handle, does not pollute the water.

In addition to child and adolescent development required a higher proportion of animal protein, adult if eating more some grain of fruits and vegetables, and reduce the consumption of meat, the remaining grains can also be assigned to more people in need of food, not only health approach to solve the environmental and food shortages.

LOHAS is not a slogan, nor is it fashionable life style, it is self-reflection and the face of sustainable basic attitude. Government can actively use the "demand side management", rather than blindly emphasis on the supply side, otherwise, regardless of people's food, clothing, housing, transportation, or living space, will face a new catastrophe. Enterprise in which trends and the lessons might be able to find innovative mode, it is easy to have sprung up everywhere, a new winner.