Total customer solutions

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Provide customers with total solutions (Total Solution) "It's like an out-of-date marketing vocabulary; lack of freshness, the industry is advocating it sounds more and more small. But, the real return to the fundamentals of the market to meet customer demand, it is obvious that integration services is indeed an important trend in the software industry can not be reversed.

Integrated services to provide customer satisfaction is the major principles of an "easier said than done". What can I say? Its difficulty lies: the complete mechanism behind is not easy molding.

Looking at the market available: the integration of services provided by a single vendor, or so limited due to their professional or company's strategy dictates invariably individual projects within the overall service, the formation of primary and secondary, the strength of the case; customer service perspective, from time to time shows the vulnerability, causing complain; terms of market competition, no doubt, the opponent can take advantage of the machine.

Recently, however, the perfect match of weather, geography, and achievements of the good things of the domestic a software consolidation in the industry; together three in one case, but also for the Software Supply Chain "concept, the implementation of the foundation.

America's IT industry hard and soft are different. Hardware industry rely on the "supply chain" play groups battle to capture territory in the international market; the other hand, the software industry? Are rare successful integration; This time, tornadoes, Italy, blue, Flowring plan successful model of this set of hardware ported to the software industry; only the initial merger motives, still can not help because of the reality.

"Merger, in order to survive," in late July, the tornado, which means blue, Flowring three software announced the merger at a press conference, Lai Zheng Chang, general manager of the tornado admits.

Seemingly negative, an inevitable merger, in fact, it is a long-term positive implications. Lai Cheng-Chang further instructions, in the software industry, tornado, meaning blue, Flowring trespassing wins each, and three, respectively, in the field of "corporate knowledge management", "enterprise process management", "Chinese full-text retrieval", etc. occupy an important position; more important is three companies in the software industry has gone through 10 years of wind and rain, after the global Internet bubble, it is like a battle for survival, "We survived," Lai Cheng-chang.

At this time, the western proverb: "If it does not kill me, it Can only make me stronger (If you do not beat me to death, you can make me stronger.) Vividly reflects the situation of the three software industry .

Flames of trials through the Internet bubble, tornadoes, Italy, Blue, and Hua Ling survive; However, in the future can really get stronger? 1 plus 1 plus 1, can play far outweigh the benefits, you have to let the market play score.