Green business opportunities is a matter of every citizen

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Energy conservation and environmental protection, not just love the earth and introspection, it can save huge costs, and even create higher wealth, Gou love with investment action already explained all this. Environmental technology trend of these investments, many companies left-handed save power and water, reducing manufacturing costs; right hand to the cost of savings, more yards investment in the science and technology of environmental protection and energy saving. CMO Plant B, EPA issued the Corporate Environmental Award winning one last year due to the long-term efforts to reduce the cost of hundreds of millions of $ professional energy in the device, the annual CMO, is good example.

The quickening pace of corporate environmental protection and energy saving

CMO B Factory is committed to energy conservation and environmental protection, the year of 210 million KWH of electricity, equivalent to the provincial electricity $ 416 million, also Yi Di 15.3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. Water-saving benefits are obvious, the annual provincial water volume of 32,551 CMD, produced annually by 270 million yuan economic benefits.

In addition, within six months from 96 June to 96 November, the CMO to replace the build equipment system, the electricity lighting Province, about 800 million years, $ 20 million of provincial air-conditioning systems; together with other energy-saving projects, total the effect of energy per year up to $ 31 million. In addition to the amount of savings, reduce energy use, equivalent to CO2 emissions decreased by approximately 9,700 metric tons a year, this benefit as the Earth more than 80 million trees planted. Years of energy-saving measures to implement down, The CMO save large sums of money, but also the money to invest in energy-efficient lighting industry.

On June 19 this year, the CMO announced through the subsidiary Yuanqi investment company to approximately NT $ 250 million and NT $ 600 million, respectively, for each 3.4% of China's Electric Company, and its subsidiaries in East Asia photoelectric 40% equity interest. The CMO in recent years, a new investment in the field of green lighting. He Zhaoyang, general manager of CMO, CMO hope that in the future the new generation of green lighting market early layout. Frank Huang, chairman of the World Semiconductor Council (WSC), also pointed out that energy conservation is a global trend, especially in the semiconductor industry has been to less carbon standards efforts in the industry for the world, including in raw materials, plant, process.

"The proper use of technology can balance environmental protection and economic development of the two conflict-oriented." DEP Stephen Shen said that the past few years many companies began seriously thinking towards sustainable development, environmental protection are not on resistance, but help, but also opportunities.

Energy conservation has become a residential planning new trends

In addition to enterprises, many of the domestic real estate developers also launched for the demands of residential energy-saving plan, and the Bureau of Energy Policy under the grant award, started to become a trend.

Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the implementation of carbon reduction and the ITRI solar center to promote the "sunshine Community" take "to subsidize 50% of the funding to assist residential community construction plan of the solar power generation equipment". By first sunlight Community is located Changhua HOMEI, through the energy small community solar power to invest in the construction, the construction of giant forest, "First Class" six residential building cases.

Although the case for only 15 homes as the first round of test users, but Ju Lin, president of the Lin Chin said that the future of giant forest in Changhua push the first class nine residential proposals that will be on the roof full installation of solar panels, and in parallel with the existing power supply and Taipower household more environmentally friendly energy-saving, even cheaper profitable source of electricity. And to take the case to introduce solar energy equipment and devices CSI technology company chairman Liu Zhen Song, irrespective of the northern, the construction company that set up the system of solar panels are very interested and willing to accept in the north.

Liu Zhen Song For example, central mansion, the average of household solar construction cost 60-70 million, the MOEA half, cost 30 a few million users, just to save power after five years can be recycled future through renewable energy bill, you can also sell electricity to Taipower serve several purposes.

In the end of 2007, "Business Week", the "Times" magazine selected the world's top ten only residential building, is located in Beijing's MoMA, another important demands, is energy-saving. Its design, is the use of geothermal temperature effect, allowing the interior to maintain the status of 20 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees, summer does not need to turn on the air conditioner, do not have to open heaters in the winter, not only health, but also power-saving and energy-saving. Living which did not feel the air pollution in Beijing, seems to live in another Beijing.

Energy saving and environmental protection, will stimulate new technologies and new business opportunities, whether residents living in residential energy conservation, research labs and engineers to identify new environmental technologies, they are another Gou invest their own energy and health, as well as a profitable future.

Ota City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan Sunshine Community

In the outskirts of Ota, Gunma Prefecture, Japan, is a state-owned company operated by the municipal land development, sold separately from the community has a solar power panel called "Panel Town west of the city of Tucson (Ailuropoda Hikaru Tatari ? nn Story Full DU). In this community, each detached residential solar panel, can be described as the world's largest solar residential area, it is amazing.

December 2002 by a subsidiary body of the Japanese Ministry of Economy "New Energy Industrial Technology Development Organization (also known as NEDO) open call for experimental areas" selected "concentrate in portable solar power generation system, then by a The company commissioned a study of the effectiveness of solar power.

So far, to be sold separately from the area of ??40.9 hectares, divided into 697 districts has also sold 694 area is almost sold out. An average of 168,700 yen per tsubo, look demands of rich people but by the general public welcome because in addition to participate in experiments can be set to dispense with the fees and the end of the experiment in March of this year, other than the battery panel and a full set of The device can also be transferred at no cost, so the number of families to participate in up to 8 percent.

The remaining electric power accumulation is the biggest problem

"Really pleased to be able to automatically make a contribution to environmental protection, and feel the blessings of the sun." Mr. Maekawa moved households in a family of four, tells of the use of solar power to meet them in daily life.

Solar power is different from the power supply system in the past, neither the demand near the settings panel to convert sunlight into power of decentralized power, thermal power carbon dioxide emissions to prevent global warming is also very helpful.

According to the west of the city of Tucson experiments in strong sunshine, the generating capacity of each family will breath rising, the remaining power will flow in the power transmission system, will lead to unstable voltage, and therefore how to build a battery The savings surplus power system "has become the biggest challenge.

Settings panel in the entire maximum output power, enough to supply half of the power consumption of an average family, about 3 to 5 kilowatts, is alarming. If now capacity can be doubled, and will not require an external power supply. In order to improve energy efficiency, they suppress contributions devices in the community installation output, solar power to DC power storage and forced residents from 10:00 to 14:00 time power storage, a series of technical entered into practical objectives. Effective use of the remaining battery power at night, electricity can be sold to power companies. Project research team Yamazaki Officer said: "The results of this experiment, in full force and effect for human use of solar energy technology development, provides a useful data".

West of Forest planning had developed by the Gunma Prefecture Business Bureau, but because of the tight financial situation to discuss, took over in 1999 by Ota. Ota City's investment in solar power because of the local Japan's long hours of sunshine a few areas; coupled with a lot of lightning, easy to collect research data, prevent power failures, accidents. Also by the Sunshine Community to enhance the visibility of the city.

Ota City in order to promote the popularity of solar power, three years since 2004, began to award grants the detached residential members of the public living in the west of the city outside the Forest. "1 kW or more, less than 2 kW, 60,000 yen subsidy", "4 kilowatts more than 240,000 yen" at the output of the panel set up 4 basis, not only new construction, additions or alterations families are classified as targeted for assistance. Number of budget measures in accordance with the application project, grant number of 607, a total budget of about $ 92.3 million yen.

Three years from 2007, the same measures, starting in 2008 as the meeting place other than a detached residential facilities, but also bear half of the costs of the set-up fee.

Ota Mayor Shimizu St. says that: "if they can use the vital energy supply of electricity, will be able to create a recycling-oriented society of self-sufficiency, and can solve some of the environmental problems.

Recently, shopping centers and factories have also additional solar power panel. The use of solar power to communities to promote Ota is a good thing, because the outcome of publicity Ota, prompted Japan to the rapidly growing popularity of the country, and even around the world solar power panel, it will be more exciting.