Iron Man SFX unleashed

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Marvel Superman movie "Iron Man" the first week in the United States to a record breaking 100 million dollars at the box office in Taiwan, also hit three consecutive weeks at the box office champion success, how to show the the fresh cool robot appearance with the super ability, this film the most important key to success.

"Iron Man," adapted from the original Marvel comics, the character first appeared in the April 1963 issue of "Tales of Suspense" story characters created by in Stan Lee, Lailileibo, Tanghe Ke and Jack Kirby, The actor East Nishitake, according to the American entertainment industry legend Howard Hughes and shape executive producer Stan Lee said: "Howard Hughes is one of the most interesting characters in our era, he is the inventor, adventurers, millionaires, romantic Lover, and absolute-madman. "

Storytelling East Nishitake, (played by Robert Downey Jr.) is a billionaire arms entrepreneur, is also a genius inventor, a test weapons attack by a mob kidnapped, he not only cardiac injury dying, more threat to the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, he used wit to create a the steel armor life-saving escape the clutches; After returning home, he buried stay in the studio to develop more advanced steel armor, but shares scientific and technological strength of the forces of evil coveted.

Breakthrough hanging wire unnatural effect

The producer Kevin Fei Ji said: "comic world," Iron Man "series with" Spider-Man "and" X-Men "and" Fantastic Four Superman famous comic red for several years because he was not biological variants or insect bite he just ordinary people use their wisdom to create a steel jacket. strong Franco-Swiss director, said: "In particular, we emphasize the actor research and development of new technology, improved steel clothing and learn how to use a few fragments of steel clothing . "

Protagonist steel armor makeup and special effects team led by by 4 degrees Oscar winner Stan Winston to create and brought in Adi illustrator Phil Saunders and the concept designer ????? jointly designed, the first set of steel clothing called Mark it with a clean piece of metal material injected into the image of the technology elements in the design, so the clothes look like the composition of weapons and military equipment, like a powerful humanoid tanks.

The studio is the protagonist to create a second set of steel clothing Mark III.

The producer Kevin fees Ji said: "We show the production process of steel armor Tony wanted to develop a set of higher technology steel jacket, the first step is making the boots of the rocket booster function, so that he can fly together. "Little Robert Downey flying in the factory wearing these boots, how to shoot this scene is a challenge not hanging wire, strong Franco-Swiss said:" I understand that the effect of the hanging wire, even if computer repair screen still does not feel real. "

Stunt supervision soup Miha Bo Zero G design of advanced devices to replace the traditional hanging wire, he said: "We are using the new system of" ring "line, each pulley device two in the the small Robert Downey head and hip, at the foot of riding two plates, so long as the feet move, the people will move together, by foot to control the visual effects will make special effects when his flight, so he looks like a rocket boosters, like flying in the air. "with with the protagonist become familiar with control technology, action is also more and more like a hero handsome, so the "Iron Man" was born.

Special clothing motion capture

Stan Winston Studio for comic into really technical shocking, "polygon model" 3-D systems, from the original facets polygonal surface, slowly repair the exact shape smooth surface, after made into a real product, each part of the surface will be able to handle to very detailed, and then use the letterpress photographic technology fully replicated, Finally manufacturing molded cause physical. "Still Kleinmann Han said:" We use lightweight epoxide, urethane, and a lot of chrome yellow chemical pigments, covering the surface of the metal structure, so that the weight of the clothes can withstand the actions of ordinary people. "West said: "Mark III Iron and Steel clothing the final product combined with the hard work of many talented designers, technicians, craftsmen and film production staff, on behalf of Marvel's strong Franco-Swiss, Stan Winston Studio, and all the production team achievement. "

Of course, computer-steel clothing looks complete. Said: "I do not want a lack of real side effects, like" Iron Man "," credibility "on the fly, I want presents like a real aircraft aerodynamic effects on the fly when I want to balance strong Franco-Swiss - the hybrid visual effects and real image, so that the audience forget what visual effects, what is the real image; For example, sometimes wearing steel clothing from the "Iron Man" lens, cut to a completely CGI special effects lens; let dazzling real image as CGI special effects, vivid CGI special effects like a true image. "