Blue curtain secret behind the SFX

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The amazing scene blessing in Hollywood, wearing a signature fedora archaeologist Indiana Jones, returned to the world's big screen, continue waving bullwhip battles of ancient civilizations around the world Fam. Astonishing is that this production team goal is to try to build entity sets, play many scenes are actually structures made of computer effects and nature image synthesis, the movie is not only back in the five era, just like in real ancient civilizations of different environmental, blue screen special effects technology that is already on its head.

Latest episode Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull] Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford decorated) living the 50 ?'s McCarthy white terror, not only by the U.S. government forced away from the campus, but also by the Soviet secret service to kill, more rebellious youth horse special ([Transformers] West Lee graduated from Fu ornaments) involved in the Legend of the Crystal Skull Antiquities legend, so they traveled to Central and South America Peru to visit the city of gold by just ([Elizabeth Cate Blanchett the Soviet spy iceberg beauty) led his men have been pursued.

The magical legend of the archaeological academia

Director Spielberg said: "This story takes place at 50 ?'s, for me this is the age of affluence, is also the era of the birth of rock and full of bright colors." Story takes place in another time and space to allow the production team to explore different villains, director Spielberg said: "The story takes place in 1957, the threat of war of the Cold War era, nuclear bomb crisis and the threat of the Communist Party of almost every day on the front page of a newspaper, the atomic bomb and the Soviet secret naturally became an important element of the film . "

Crystal Skull is the magical legend of the origin of archaeological academia. In 1924, a well-known British banker and explorer Mitch Heggie led the expedition to the jungles of Central America to search for the lost Atlantis, did not expect his adopted daughter Anna, 17-year-old birthday in a decadent collapsed under the altar see Transparent Crystal Skull, Anna every time she Crystal Skull on the bed to sleep will dream of Maya Indian daily life. Crystal Skull is believed to have supernatural forces, those who come across it will doom imminent.

However, the Indiana Jones movie charm is breathtaking exotic scene, the most critical, the difficulty of the highest in the Peruvian rainforest. Screenwriter David Cope said: "Iggy called" the door of the Amazon, that is the last city before entering the dense jungle, the cut-off point of the wilderness and civilization, it is the best starting point of Indiana Jones adventure." Unimaginable the King was actually built in Universal Studios factory shed made.

The physical effects of the Temple of the Pyramid

However, the crew is difficult to find jungle densely extinct, producer Stewart said: "We have to Mexico, Guatemala, South America and Puerto Rico, scouting, and finally decided to look closer place, then went to Hawaii scouting. "crew really found in the southeast corner of the Big Island of Hawaii, a tropical jungle, the cast and crew in this jungle, spent several weeks shooting the film's most difficult scenes, including a speeding car on the roof of the gladiatorial.

The crew returned from Hawaii to Southern California shed continue shooting, the home of Indiana Jones in Universal Studios Factory No. 29 shed structures, The Art Director Diya Si said: "The scene showing actor and private areas." Staff must carefully with reference to the first three episodes of the screen, faithful home in Indiana Jones, Diya Si said: "We have a tremendous amount to reproduce Indiana Jones residence in the style of the 1930s, taking into account also the film in 1957. "

This production team goal is to try to build the entity sets, it is all a huge scene in the film, almost all of the structures in the greenhouse or outdoor studio made. The most striking results is similar to the pyramid temple of the Inca Empire, the Art Director Diya Si addition to build this in the Universal studios outdoor shed about 80 feet outside the temple, but also to build a 35-foot-high swing ladder, this ladder special is the protagonist down the ladder, the ladder of layer-by-layer will automatically close up, the effects of such entities must be submitted to effects supervisor Dansudike to.

Producer Marshall said: "Art Director Diya Si must be designed and built the ancient buildings, and it seems to be very frightening, we build a theme around the studio in Los Angeles, because the film sets too, so not only In an on-chip factory shed structures, we spent five studios studio, it would be a record. "