Increasing effectiveness of internet ad over retractable banner stand

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Print ads creative thinking "jump", you can accept the new mainstream online advertising creative thinking "do not jump"? Advertising, for the time being the previous training aside, try to imagine the users subconscious together Online assessment at different angles, users always can not put your finger on why previous intentions to do Internet Banner (banner ads) heart? Why clickthrough rate miserable? Retractable Banner Stand [] print ads Advertiser favorite classical creative stage, the task is to make advertising creative to stand out, the more jump as possible, doing their utmost to differ with the print media. The more prominent the more visual attention, "memory", and the text is the more subtle the easier "to be appreciated, to be touched."

Consumers own purchases, may not be the ultimate task. Addition "Edit-up ads, 99% of the advertising creative disdain plane draft form, it is difficult to enter the Cannes, OneShow creative. Palace they look up to, like a gas faster than advertising vocabulary. Do not rush to mourn not creative "Edit-up ads.

Toys future development

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Scenario 1: class time, 8-year-old strong and the same group of students to study together today's "theme": a fuel cell power toy car. Teacher teacher students to understand the principle of the fuel cell energy in the progress of the study showed off on the computer of each group of students (of course, this is to worship sensors and wireless transmission to give the car body to do the job Hello!) explain in particular, the greatest benefit of disuse conventional batteries no longer have mercury leakage problem of waste disposal; fact, the most popular environmentally-friendly vehicles is by the fuel cell to provide power and energy; This battery only byproduct is water, so will not add to the air of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Scenario 2: In the past six months, yueqin emotions are very low; universities and research institutes child every day from morning to evening, earlier than in the past, the need for care when the mother no; work in a simple environment for many years, and the performance has been good, because to accept a promotion challenge is transferred to the Personnel complex new units, coupled with the heavy work pressure, and support her husband, because of busy travel frequently, the Yueqin serious emotional distress.

Months, she often cry at night to sleep during the day and even more depressed, feeling that life has no value, in support of Mr. and accompanied yueqin finally found the courage to see a psychiatrist, and was diagnosed with mild depression. Addition to advice yueqin temporarily leave your current work environment caused her emotional distress, the doctor also recommended the empty nest yueqin may wish to raise a pet, pets provide emotional comfort to relieve the emptiness. Further understand yueqin serious allergy problems, not suitable in the current apartment pet psychiatrists put forward the recommendations of the "machine pet therapy" (Robot Therapy); That take yueqin leave the hospital "medicine", turned out to be an interactive robot toy dog ??will be spoiled tell her.

How cosmetic use blog to generate leads for retractable banner stands promotion

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To shop in department stores, you may hear in the makeup counters or to rely on the information on retractable banner stand, and to hear the consumers and SALESWOMAN said, I want a certain blogger recommended products. The-counter consumer does not necessarily know the full name of the product, but shouting to draw the name of the bloggers will specify the purchase or trial.

Two-way public relations project manager analysis, the most common use of the blog word-of-mouth marketing industry, mostly fall beauty makeup and 3C. The reason is that before you decide to buy these commodities, the consumers will always accustomed to Internet Search the use of someone else's experience.

Blogs stressed the depth of communication

Flagship Mature ethnic SK-II, is known as a combination of the most successful brands, and spokesperson Stephanie, Carina Lau and Karen are invariably one of the best of the Red Star, through their testimony endorsement practices, indeed for SK-II to create a clear brand positioning.

External affairs manager, Procter & Gamble, P & G SK-II spokesperson testimony ads can indeed quickly open the visibility of the product in a short period of time, and cause the topic of discussion with the breadth of the spread.