New business winning face

Written by Steven Charles on . Posted in News

Innovative research by the Institute for Information Industry organized a five-day "Innovation Service Week Ideas Week" activities come to an end. In this grand event, the birth of many new winner, including "bloggers Bai Jie" and "Ideas Show Network Creative Award" winning team, reported in detail in this issue.

Closer look at the faces of these new winner, with both Web1.0 winner. Web 2.0 in the capital, technology, content relatively low threshold of the case, almost everyone has the entrepreneurial opportunity to find the right business model, within a very short time, created a high popularity on the Internet, a virtual world civilians hero.

When we try to looking for Entrepreneurship and gilded outline from the success of the appearance of Web 2.0, to prove: that these civilian heroes of the gas longer, or to get more market share, there must be back a long way business model, and at any time in response to market competition, and change the mode; high popularity and rich content is a prerequisite for success, in addition, only the team enough good, work plus profit models, the only way to make money in the market.

In a special report in this issue, our in-depth college campuses, looking for entrepreneurial dynamism factor. In the case of these entrepreneurs, we have seen many teachers and students rely on patented technology entrepreneurship mode, even stretched because of the R & D process, and continue to do the marathon R & D across three generations of teachers and students. Some college students after school engaged in Internet business, entrepreneurial team and have work experience seniors, into large companies and stock dividends incentive aside, dedicated to fight a pioneering future. This embrace of enthusiastic entrepreneurs face, but also a symbol of the competitiveness of universities; between entrepreneurship and employment, their decision to choose one of the most restless, perhaps, but it is the most competitive decision.

These new winner of the mask is a young face, but we see more old faces also actively innovation as Changing Faces has revealed the secret that they do not fall to maintain competitiveness. Established 106 years 3M is a a veritable century-old, the face of the power needs of the manufacturers, it is self-innovation, to find their own niche and customer critical needs, achieve customer expectations in the power saving share in this issue to the reader: innovation, century-old always competitive.

We and interview with the Minister of Economic Affairs., He mentioned that the future of America should be by the world's manufacturing base, re-positioning "operating platform" in East Asia, combined with innovative thinking and information technology, high-value innovative enterprises. America's global competitiveness is more the posture of the winner by the length of the newly appointed to a new direction.