Tea marketing using Retractable Banner Stands with Celebrity

Advertising the film, but good enough to let Hong Kong Film Award winner Anthony Wong shock, and even shed tears Hero; let the music producer the Mr Wong Paizhuo marvel, moved to say: how to mix called “tea ah” Wei Chuan gem the good tea exaggerated use of Retractable Banner Stands and advertising techniques to create never believed in contrast to believe, is to highlight the status of high-priced gem Haocha.

In recent years, food maker Wei Chuan actively block of high-priced, high-quality cut into the beverage market, for example: proclaiming “of concentrated pure incense” the Lin Feng camp milk, stressed that “the best drink” Bernachon coffee, there are 100 % juice market share of over 60% of the daily C, except tea beverage has been the Wei Chuan involvement less product line in order to make up for the lack of this part of the the gem Haocha in 2006 was born.

Mining requirements of quality office workers

The main office groups bottled tea, unified “tea king” and VITALON “Royal Tea Garden” to enter the market earlier, has been a rival of the situation, market share Separated 1,2. As a newcomer brand, a gem of good tea is how to break through it?

Wei Chuan Beverage Division senior manager Chen Meng pointed out that the requirements of consumers of bottled tea, nothing more than the taste fresh and tasty (with tea and sweet), found through market research, tea king and Royal Tea Garden flagship ” sweet “effect, but consumers do not fully agree. They judge may have more quality requirements of a group of consumers want to drink more senior tea.

Wei Chuan were never meant to take the route of 20 yuan parity tea, but up development of the high price of 25 yuan tea market, bolder product named “gem Haocha”, stressed not only sweet, importers have tea, choking back also rhyme. In addition, each category crown on the Alishan Dayuling well-known words of Origin, allowing consumers to see, intuition finds a gem of good tea is made from high quality tea brewed from.

The spokesperson expand product awareness

Products like beverages such low degree of concern, Retractable Banner Stands (eyeBanner facebook) and TV ads or advertisers that the fastest, most effective means of communication, most will also use an “advocate” in one fell swoop expand awareness gem Haocha is not an exception.

The listed ads gem good tea, tea king the scene is set in the office, but the difference is that, the gem Haocha boldly rather weighty actor Anthony Wong as a spokesperson.

AU-Yuan Chen, Wei Chuan positioning of high-quality, high-quality teas to look gem Haocha, beginning, they decided to use celebrity endorsement strategy, improve product attention. Later, after the results of market research analysis, Anthony Wong can highlight the gem Haucha qualities, coupled with his less advertising exposure in America, not to be confused consumer brand awareness.

Ad, Anthony Wong from that gem of tea, but the bottled tea, the later personally verify “entrance tea, choking back rhyme, not only sweet” senior taste, dramatic performances, expressions large gap , impressive.

This advertising technique of expression evoked the curiosity of consumers, “there really are so tasty!”, “Maybe buy a bottle to give it a try”, good results the gem which Haocha just listed the first six months sales response immediately capture market share of 3%.

Remember the lessons, modification strategies

Although banner stand and broadcast advertising, consumer Remember gem which Haocha, also remember Anthony Wong cry scene, but after the investigation, Anthony Wong rough image of older, female consumers are not readily available and 25? 39 years old recognition of the office workers.

In order to balance the masculine, the second was changed by a Japanese model Murata Ayako, a repeat of the drama, but unfortunately her expression and body are not as vivid Anthony Wong Anthony Wong Anthony Wong, the performance is not lovable. Chen admitted that the AU $ This ad aired after a few hastily downside.

After two years of operation, the Wei Chuan found gem Haocha still lack of message communication, banner stands advertising flagship “tasty”, but did not tell consumers what. Second, the lack of short and powerful and memorable ad verse.

This year, Wei Chuan remember the lessons amendment to a step-by-step marketing strategy. First and sixth generation descendant of cooperation “Wang De Chuan Tea House” by Wang Chuan-century tradition of the tea experience, on behalf of the gem good tea selection from an early tea, tea ancestral baking method to the configuration of Tea and tea, have been fine adjustment made.

The same time, the color of blue, red, gold and other Chinese flavor, simple design coupled with The “must Gan Yun Hong ad verse, to create more texture packaging, to replace the four characters of the past only gem Haocha lack of product characteristics described .

Then, from the perspective of high-quality tea centuries Chazhuang pay attention to the departure phase sudden fame, never made banner stand advertising the “master of music creation” Mr Wong as an endorsement of the work, find young Yang Qian Pei sing with him like a pair. This old and a little mix, creating a full freshness. Chen believe that Union yuan, two people attribute the greater the difference, ad impressions will be more intense.

Tea display considerable ingenuity

In addition to play the TV commercials and banner stand, the path is bottled tea from the military battleground. Chen Meng mentioned gem good tea due to a late start on the path to achieve a more favorable position of display and the chain store system, so they communicate rent 3? 6 month fixed counters, to striking effect. For example: the placement of the freezer, will fall between the average person eye level can reach 150? 180 cm.

Supermarkets, the large display (special exclusive display racks, adding a second display locations for the goods) and the floor display, to increase gem Haucha exposure, to promote consumer choice, thereby creating a sales success. Particular, this year gem Haocha because in collaboration with Wang Chuan tea bit display special packaging tea looks like, it looks not only creative, but also attracted the attention of consumers.

Wei Chuan since launched gem Haocha, every year investment of $ 5,6 million marketing budget, advertising photography, media publish or broadcast on the path to discuss. As after the brand, gem good tea market has only just three years time, Chen Meng Yuan said that in order to more accurate closer to the needs of consumers in policy formulation and to determine market trends, Wei Chuan will gradually through market research correction.

Continued expansion path

In addition, he believes the past the gem Haocha on the path to insufficient penetration is still room to grow, especially since November 2007, because the 7-Eleven internal “policy” considerations forced to the shelf, and actively expand the bread stores, discounters and other path, it becomes necessary topics.

Seize 25 yuan high-priced tea market, has been a gem the good tea unchanged in the first place, and the bottled tea target groups about 3? 6% of consumers are willing to spend 5 million in exchange for higher quality tea, Although it may not seem like much, but as consumers increasingly high requirements for bottled tea, perhaps the future gem Haocha really can become the first brand of high-priced tea.