Retractable Banner Stands

How cosmetic use blog to generate leads for Retractable Banner Stands promotion

To shop in department stores, you may hear in the makeup counters or to rely on the information on retractable banner stand, and to hear the consumers and SALESWOMAN said, I want a certain blogger recommended products. The-counter consumer does not necessarily know the full name of the product, but shouting to draw the name of the bloggers will specify the purchase or trial.

Two-way public relations project manager analysis, the most common use of the blog word-of-mouth marketing industry, mostly fall beauty makeup and 3C. The reason is that before you decide to buy these commodities, the consumers will always accustomed to Internet Search the use of someone else’s experience.

Blogs stressed the depth of communication

Flagship Mature ethnic SK-II, is known as a combination of the most successful brands, and spokesperson Stephanie, Carina Lau and Karen are invariably one of the best of the Red Star, through their testimony endorsement practices, indeed for SK-II to create a clear brand positioning.

External affairs manager, Procter & Gamble, P & G SK-II spokesperson testimony ads can indeed quickly open the visibility of the product in a short period of time, and cause the topic of discussion with the breadth of the spread. (more…)