How cosmetic use blog to generate leads for Retractable Banner Stands promotion

To shop in department stores, you may hear in the makeup counters or to rely on the information on retractable banner stand, and to hear the consumers and SALESWOMAN said, I want a certain blogger recommended products. The-counter consumer does not necessarily know the full name of the product, but shouting to draw the name of the bloggers will specify the purchase or trial.

Two-way public relations project manager analysis, the most common use of the blog word-of-mouth marketing industry, mostly fall beauty makeup and 3C. The reason is that before you decide to buy these commodities, the consumers will always accustomed to Internet Search the use of someone else’s experience.

Blogs stressed the depth of communication

Flagship Mature ethnic SK-II, is known as a combination of the most successful brands, and spokesperson Stephanie, Carina Lau and Karen are invariably one of the best of the Red Star, through their testimony endorsement practices, indeed for SK-II to create a clear brand positioning.

External affairs manager, Procter & Gamble, P & G SK-II spokesperson testimony ads can indeed quickly open the visibility of the product in a short period of time, and cause the topic of discussion with the breadth of the spread.

However, now SK-II in addition to play the TV ads and the POP EYE retractable banner stand, also began to phase Bloggers high popularity, high-impact force, operating from blog marketing, like cultured seed people hope by bloggers, these third Unit, confirms the effectiveness of the product, and a strong sense of credibility, more to convince readers get their recognition, breadth and depth of communication, both to create a synergistic effect on marketing.

New listing create word of mouth

They usually find bloggers pipeline, nothing more than the recommended media, refer to the major blog portal Popularity Index, or the winner of the Global Chinese blog award. The public relations firm will assist in the search related blog, SK-II for articles infectious bloggers for the target group of 25 to 40 years old, as well as whether it is brand enthusiasts, screening.

In addition to the classic product of the youth dew like outside and bloggers cooperation, SK-II will be in the new products to market, tryout to bloggers for the young on the Internet, try to focus on whitening and moisturizing, not like anti-aging products.

In addition, SK-II brand take the elegant line, bloggers article tonality naturally can not be too far behind, SK-II will also concern Beauty is selected maintenance bloggers of people, care about what skin problems, as they amount set for itself, provide appropriate goods, improve skin, and regular follow-up care of.

Hope that through such careful care, so that they have a pleasant experience experience, to create a word of mouth marketing effect with the integrated use of retractable banner stand promotion, to attract readers rely cabinet trial by beautician professional knowledge, or precision instrument detects the skin, to give consumers how to improve skin purchase behavior and produce, to achieve the purpose of sale.

Low cost efficacy

Replenishing Moisturizing super live series, for example, SK-II grand prize winner from the Global Chinese blog to find out the TOP 10 blogs, and construed in accordance with the degree of popularity and properties with SK-II brand links, Beauty care theme stakeholder-based, to lock 6,7 more suited to the blog, by providing a product trial, to discuss cooperation.

One of them is the operator of Beauty Care blog erudite the Pig people – Huang Yijie, 13,000 to 20,000 people a day browsing popular internet writers. University, used cleanser youth gel and lotion, she felt the SK-II product efficacy, but also because I like the SK-II brand promise to take over this activity cooperation. In addition to Huang Yijie the Mavis, Cherry bloggers to participate in the event.

Afterwards they statistical product trial experience to share 78% of the articles exposed, and “super live Addict moisturizing series” December 1, 2007 listing, Dec. 12 at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi with retractable banner stand promotion is the first to sell, every 10 consumers there is a see blog recommended from. So effective, so they are quite satisfied.

She also stressed not find these makeup maintenance blogger Daren finished article on the right, reader response to the article, SK-II is also very concerned, as can be seen from the response, this the wave public relations message in the end there is passed correctly.

Note that the details of cooperation to achieve win-win

SK-II know, find out in advance what the preferences of SK-II Beauty Care bloggers Daren cumulative volume of cooperation will be great. Like Huang Yijie pick just like used brand, will accept cooperation, I believe that bloggers are willing to put their face joke smear heard.

It is also suggested that those who find beauty bloggers with makeup brand, can pay attention to some of the implementation details. Some brands do not have confidence in their own merchandise quite afraid of bloggers write too harsh, and strongly urged the bloggers can not write a negative evaluation, this she would deny service she mentioned.

Or, the public relations firm will require bloggers, do not write is vendor tryout, say bloggers purchase, but now readers are savvy enough to simply know bloggers do not often use a product, once learned articles, they are often one will be able to see through this activity with the.

In addition, the the bloggers write too professional content, also let Huang Yijie quite puzzled. She pointed out that some public relations firms or retractable banner stand advertisers may be too little to see the blog, do not understand the needs of readers. Like some manufacturers specify certain to mention product ingredients, but the reader does not care what ingredients inside, they only care to wipe up the feeling, the resulting effect.

However, maintenance of Beauty blogger of people still willing to accept the vendor solicitation, after all, not everyone has so much time to find or dig new products, the vendors are willing to provide a good product trial, bloggers are willing to put their real feeling to express, not only to their own blog to update also meet readers innovative ideas of appetite.